Institute for Prostate Cancer to conduct a free Consultation camp from January 8th to January 17, 2018

Pune, January  4, 2018: As man ages, almost everyone suffers from some or the other urinary infection symptoms. Some of the symptoms are : …frequency of urination, waking up multiple times at night, straining to pass urine, sense of incomplete emptying being decreased flow. Prostate enlargement is part of the ageing process and it is when the enlargement of the prostate compresses the urinary tract that it leads to causing the above mentioned symptoms. Enlargement of theprostate does not necessarily require each person to undergo surgery, but becomes a necessity when one doesn't opt for medication or doesn’t alter their lifestyle. In 5-6% of men enlargement of prostate could be due to cancer. The symptoms of cancer are same in the beginning. There may be new onset back ache not responding to pain medications, loss of appetite, more than 10% unintentional weight loss in advanced stages of cancer  There is a risk of fracture and paralysis .

As per the Indian national cancer registry it affects males usually after the age of 50 yrs. and is the second leading cause of death in males worldwide. It’s said that every 6th male is affected by prostate cancer.

There is good awareness about prostate cancer in the developing world leading to acceptance of standard screening practices (digital rectal examination and PSA). However in India there is lack of awareness about prostate cancer. This leads to almost 60% of patients presenting an advanced stage to the doctor.
 Institute for Prostate Cancer is trying to break this trend by creating an awareness about prostate cancer and the advanced technology used to detect the samefor the past 5 years.

In order to accomplish this awareness, the Institute has conducted over 150 free consultation camps and have succeeded in creating awareness amongst more than 50,000 population.

 Primary Symptoms:
To tackle the increasing rate of patients suffering from prostate cancer, the institute advises to do regular screening with DRE and PSA and not to neglect any kind of back pain especially after 50 years of age.
 - If detected at an early stage of diagnosis, then one should undergo a biopsy, a simple day care procedure which is done through rectum with the help of ultrasound machine (TRUS- Transrectal Ultrasound).
 - Biopsy done with the help of TRUS is considered as an ideal biopsy. 
 - For proper diagnosis of Prostate Cancer inspection of 12- 14 samples of tissues. MRI is used in to target specific areas in case of need 

DATE:  Monday, January 8, 2018 - Wednesday, January 172018 
TIME: By appointment
VENUE:  Institute for Prostate Cancer, Ground Floor, Kumar - The Orion, Near St. Miras College, Opposite Don Bosco Youth Centre, Koregaon Park Road Pune, Maharashtra 411001
CONTACT: 020-66037777 / 78 or 020 -  64000129
MOBILE NO. : 77985 77563


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